Album of the Week - Beefywink Dance in the Deluge

This weeks Dreaminisfree's Album of the Week goes all heavy and pays homage to one of the most exciting new punk or NU-PUNK bands Beefywink with the stunning debut album Dance In The Deluge.

Their website tells us that they draw their influences from a smörgåsbord of genres and having streamed this album since it's release on 23rd October you can definitely hear elements of blues, early punk, metal and good old rock and roll.

Co-fronted by Daizy Daze, AZ and K-RUSH, the band offers something unique and differing to their overall sound and feel than other bands - I love the way that they take in turns to take a lead on the vocals.

The albums opener 'The Ballad of the Politically Motivated Barista', has a great bass line and the main riff is almost bluesy but mix it with their signature drums and their voices you end up with something that's very unique - the lyrics themselves are very much on the money when it comes to being politically informed at the current fuck up that is Brexit but I'll leave that up to you to decipher.

'Mr La Di Dah' is another favourite of mine from this album both rhythmically and lyrically its brilliant. The album's closing track 'Bottom Feeder' deserves a special mention for all of the prementioned superlatives (evident throughout this album) but the opening element of this track has a menacing feeling to it that will give you the deepest chills - the crescendo of the song whilst the recording is clearly well produced has a real live feel to it. The energy is visceral.

Dance In The Deluge is Beefywink's debut album but they've been touring as a band for three years now, honing their craft with high octane shows in the South West as well as supporting such incredible bands as Nova Twins, Sœur and The Jacques.

Based on what I've been listening to, not only is the world a better place for them sharing their art - I cannot wait to get in a hot a sweaty room with this lot playing and mosh like there's no tomorrow.

Summing this album up in one word - provocative!

For fans of False Heads, Nova Twins, The Battery Farm, Talk Show, Squid, Dry Cleaning.

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