Album of the Week -Cold Water Swimmers 'Holiday at the Secret Lake'

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

📸 Credit – Paul Husband

Manchester has a long history of producing some of the greatest bands in music. From the Bee Gees to Joy Division, The Fall to The Buzzcocks, Happy Mondays to James. Each and every one of these bands legacies have stood the test of time for one reason alone. They made/still make great fucking records!

If you're not a stranger to the Manchester local scene then chances are you know Cold Water Swimmers (who incidentally formed on January 24th 2018, the same day Mark E Smith passed away but that's just a coincidence).

The three-piece are fronted by guitarist and fellow Novocastrian Chris Bridgett, who with Carrie Lawson on bass guitar and Selina Clements Woolnough on drums are one of the best bands you will see live. You know when a band takes to the stage and it sounds amazing and looks effortless? Having been blessed enough to see them live a few times now I can say without doubt, that they are one of the best Manchester bands.

Finally on 21st June they release their stunning debut album Holiday at the Secret Lake featuring ten songs, they've recorded sporadically over the past three years. Now they're all together for on one record ready to be absorbed as one story. Having had a few weeks to absorb this album, I can say it's one of the best records I've had the pleasure of listening to in the past year.

The Secret Lake is it a real place? It really is. Will you find it in the top ten paces to visit in Manchester in next weeks Guardian? Absolutely not! But the best kept secrets are often ones that don't get all the hype and that's ok.

The thing that makes this more real than other bands for me, is that it's not all I love you, you love me lyricism. Being at an age where they have so much life experience to draw from this record has everything. Heartbreak, redemption, false profits, loosing everything or whether it's the urge for you to grab the life you have and every opportunity you've been given because and I quote, "The time to fly is all too brief' (my favourite song of theirs in case you were wondering).

Cold Water Swimmer are one of the best rock and roll bands Manchester has to offer - if you want to hear why I think so then you can either listen from 21st June or you can tune in to Tim's Listening Party on 27th June and with thousands of other audiophiles, to one of the best album that Manchester will produce this year.

Holiday at the Secret Lake

Breaking Hearts/Love Is Insane / Summer Breeze / Burn Your Idols / Falling Apart / Be My Sunshine / Everything We’ve Ever Had (We’ve Had To Fight For) / So Young / Replaced By Robots / I’ll Be Your Witness

Summing this album up in one word - Outstanding!

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