Album of the Week: Dana Gavanski - Yesterday Is Gone

Dana Gavnski - Yesterday is Gone

I've wanted to write an Album of the Week fe4ature for a while now and to be honest Dana Gavanski's debut album Yesterday Is Gone is the perfect start. It's an album I need all of my readers to know about!

For those of you who don't know Dana Gavanski she's a Canadian born singer songwriter, who actually learned to play when her then ex-partner left her his guitar before moving to New York! Having known only how to play ‘Diamonds and Rust’ by Joan Baez, Dana picked up a Travis Picking technique book and started re-learning how to play - and the rest as they say is history.

Summer of 2016, she took a job with her father as a producer’s assistant on a horror film in the Laurentians, she made enough to focus solely on developing her music for a year. With that came her first EP, Spring Demos. In 2019, Dana signed with Full Time Hobby and released two 7" singles (One By One, Catch) and announced her debut album Yesterday Is Gone, a co-production between Sam Gleason, Tunng's Mike Lindsay and Dana herself.

I was lucky enough to catch Dana when she supported Tomberlin at Yes in Manchester in May 2019. I was enthralled by her playing and voice then - her album is everything I witnessed that night and more.

It starts off with the incredibly dreamy One by One - a song about someone leaving (is it the NYC leaver I wonder). For a subject so melancholic, it's an incredibly beautiful piece of music. It's a brilliant opening and it just gets better with Catch and What We Had again a reference to losing someone you once held dear.

The main riff in Trouble is a gorgeous sound - it's the perfect match to her voice. With the added flute it's almost like it was lifted from some obscure 1960's folk album; but then that bass and drum kicks in building to the crescendo of the song - WOW!

Small Favours is a track you will recognise if you know Dana's work - it's another arrestingly beautiful infusion of guitar and voice.

I've mentioned 5 of the tracks on this 10 track album, the others are equally as brilliant. It may have taken her the best part of a year to complete the album in-between signing her record deal and touring. It's worth the wait - this is a stupefying, bewilderingly, beautiful debut album.

It's a 10/10 from me!

You can stream/buy the album via Dana's website here

Dana's socials are Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube