Album of the Week: E^ST 'I’M DOING IT'

E^ST or East real name Melisa Bester, is a South African-born Australian singer-songwriter and musician who released her debut album 'I'M DOING IT' 31 July and its fast becoming one of my go to albums in lockdown.

I literally only discovered her when she released her last single 'WALKING HOME IN THE RAIN' the day before her debut album.

The album starts off with the track 'FIT FOR COMPANY' a stunning blend of dreamy synths and Johnny Marr like guitars, with her softly spoken lyrics about self doubt and not wanting to be in a relationship, she's taken a dark place and turned into something really beautiful.

“My music’s always been driven by my emotional state, It’s the way I express how I’m feeling, but just as often it’s how I find out how I’m feeling.” Either way, she says, it ends up being raw; “As raw as I can possibly make it.” said E^ST in her Spotify bio.

I love her music as well because it's so damn accessible - you can be a kid who digs the happy pop vibes, a teen who's identifying with the struggles or like me a 40 something woman who appreciates a great songwriter when she hears one.

"I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having a target audience," she told Australian NME in an interview recently.

The albums main theme is one of coming to terms with the loss of love and letting go of a person who no longer wants to be with you - a journey of letting them go and being ok.

Stand out tracks for me are the aforementioned 'FIT FOR COMPANY', 'WAKLKING HOME IN THE RAIN', 'MAYBE IT'S TIME' 'TALK DEEP' and the albums title track 'I'M DOING IT'.

'I'M DOING IT' is the perfect ending with the message when someone leaves you, yes it hurts like hell. But life goes on and so will you. As the chorus perfectly illustrates, "I’m doing fine without you in my life, I’m doing great without seeing your face, I’m doing well just in case you couldn’t tell, So you can’t say shit, ‘Cause I’m doing, doing, doing it, I-I’m, I-I’m, I-I’m doing it".

What I love about E^ST and her sound most, is that she takes the darkest and most frightening parts of being a person struggling and turns them into something bright, sparkling and hopeful.

Where there is despair she shines a light of uplifting, empowering encouragement. The future is radiant for this artist.




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