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Ontario-based Falcon Jane, led by lead singer and songwriter Sara May,  are no strangers to Dreaminisfree. I feel in love with their sound on my first listen of their beautiful track 'The Other Moon'.

When I learned that they were releasing the album Faith I was excited to hear more from this band and having had the privilege of an early listen I can say unequivocally that you are in for something very very special.

Faith is their sophomore album and follow up to Feelin’ Freaky, which firmly established May’s self-labeled “plez-rock”. Faith, sees May deal with deeply personal matters and thus the record has a far darker spiral—introvertedly introspective, yet utterly beautiful she drops the emotionally guarded persona that too many proffer through filters and lays herself emotionally bare. The album has an almost journalistic feel to it, you feel as if you're on a journey of self discovery, learning who you are all over again.

There's a real beauty in recognising patterns of the past and using the pain of experience to inform you to not make the same mistakes. It's all laid bare in the songs - the highs and lows and the serene in-betweens. “A lot of the songs on the album are written from me to me,” she explains. “It’s about trusting in yourself and believing in the thoughts and feelings in your own mind."

If you search for the word superlative one of the definitions is, something or someone embodying excellence. I couldn't think of a better word to describe this album. Listen to it, enjoy it, let it sweep on a journey of self loving discovery and prepare to be spellbound!

I was lucky enough to catch up with Sara May just before the release of the album and asked her a few questions:

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

Pleasant rock! Or plez-rock for short :)

Who was the first artist or musician who’s you feel in love with?

I was pretty obsessed with Nelly Furtado's album "Whoa Nelly" when I was a kid. I didn't have access to any information about her, so I wouldn't say I was "in love", but I used to play her CD on repeat in my walkman all day. And I still love that album.

What’s your creative process like and has this album had to be different due to Lockdown and COVID19?

I was lucky that I had finished my album before COVID-19 hit, because I haven't been feeling very creative this year. I think I've just been energetically drained. There's been a lot on my mind. A lot of fear, uncertainty. It's hard for me to let loose and be creative when I'm feeling so anxious.

How have you found lockdown?

I really love my home, and I like having alone time, so hypothetically it wouldn't be such a bad thing for me. But it's been really hard. I know some people have been able to find peace with this new way of life, but I'm still struggling with it.

What music have you been listening to in lockdown?

Lots of country and Americana: Tyler Childers, Luke Combs, John Prine, Little Feat. And then all the usual indie rock / singer-songwriter stuff I listen to.

Which music has been your favourite discovery in 2020?

There hasn't been a lot of discovery this year - just digging deeper into artists I already love. Two songs that I really fell in love with this year are: "Still Crazy After All These Years" by Paul Simon and "Total Control" by The Motels.

Any plans to tour the UK and Europe once we’re allowed to have live music again?

Of course! That would be a dream come true!

Do you have any hidden talents that we wouldn’t necessarily be aware of?

Hmm I don't think I hide any of my talents. I work as a videographer & photographer, so there's that. Everyone in my immediate family are visual artists, so I've been painting and drawing since I was born. I'm also a pretty good cook - as far as I can tell!

Faith will be released via Darling Recordings on November 13, 2020 – you can pre-order the new album here.

Falcon Jane - Pic credit Brendan George Ko

Out via Darling Recordings

1. All of a Sudden

2. Heaven

3.  Feelings

4. The Other Moon

5. Messages

6. Make it Fade

7. Had Enough

8. Take Your Turn

9. Held High

10. Beautiful Dream

Summing this album up in one word - Superlative

For fans of Goldfrapp, MMODE, Sunship Balloon, i break horses, Of Monsters and Men, Vance Joy, Ray LaMontagne, Cage The Elephant

Falcon Jane







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