Album of the Week - Frank Rabeyrolles 'A ghost by the sea'

This weeks album of the week is more of a sonic work of art than an album. If you want to be whisked to a place where you lose track of all time and space, then Frank Rabeyrolles A ghost by the sea is the quintessential escape.

Frank Rabeyrolles (nicknames Franklin, Double U) labels himself as an obsessive and frenzied craftsman. With “A ghost by the sea” Frank plays with nostalgia of 2000 Electronica and Retro futuristic soundscapes.

I've had the pleasure of being able to absorb this album for around two weeks now and despite my listening at least ten times, there's still gems I'm finding in this album. It's pure, atmospheric escapism. This is the kind of album that expensive headphones were crafted for.

Summing this album up in one word - glorious

For fans of Brian Eno Goldfrapp Marconi Union

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