Album of the Week: Holly Humberstone 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel'

This weeks Album of the Week is technically an EP but Holly Humberstone is an artist I have been excited about since her debut single 'Deep End', dropped 31 Jan 2020.

Released 14 August 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel' features the previously released title track with four of her previous singles as well as new tracks, 'Vanilla' and 'Livewire'.

Her vocals are instantly recognisable, brutally raw and so utterly honest making her so fricking relatable. When a song writer has the capacity to move you close to tears as well as give you goose bumps when you hear the first riffs on 'Deep End' with the lyrics, "Throw me in the deep end, I'm ready now to swim", then you know that you're onto something special.

I normally choose a few stand out tracks when I'm reviewing an album, but seriously at just under 20 minutes, do yourself a favour and listen to this EP. It is unequivocally brilliant, each and every track as fervently luminous as the next. This is young woman who can give you a soundtrack to the struggles that you're trying to get through. She is without doubt one of the most exciting songwriters I've heard in a long time.

9.5/10 - As debut's go this is as near to perfect as you're going to get!

Holly Humberstone

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