Album of the Week: I Break Horses - Warnings

I Break Horses - Warnings

OK I'm not going to lie. I've been a bit slack with this feature and it's partly my own fault for taking on too much. Now I'm back on top of stuff I'm picking this feature back up with what has to be one of the best albums of 2020 so far.

I Break Horses are by no means new kids on the block having been around since 2008, with 2 other albums already under their belt. Warnings was released 8 May and I've been meaning to write this article since my very first listen.

From the first notes of 'Turn' to the last beat of 'Depression Tourist' I was enthralled, Warnings is just over 54 minutes of utter bliss! With each indulgence, I can feel the serotonin coursing, my pupils dilating and my mood soaring.

We all have those albums that we adore from the first listen. Each time we go back we find we discover new things that we adore. Whether it's the writing; the lyrics; the structure; the layering in the production; or the whole sojourn. Warnings is the that for me.

I first heard I Break Horses just after Warnings was released on BBC Radio 6. The track I heard was 'The Prophet'. I was in awe! I had to listen to the full album and then.

Listening with Nura headphones on as well, takes the experience to another level. This is less an album, more an odyssey of sound.

Some albums are works of art - if Warnings were a painting it would be Claude Monet's Water Lily Pond. Big, bold and no matter what angle its observed from, it's just spellbinding.

I've already mentioned 'The Prophet' as the first track that made me fall in love with I Break Horses other stand out tracks for me are 'Turn', 'Silence', 'Neon Lights' and 'absolutamollpunkten'.

I've included the live session of the track 'Depression Tourist' so you can see for yourself how phenomenal these guys are.

If you want an album that's going to blow your mind, lift your mood and remind you why you love music. Then look no further. This is it.

10/10 - Outstanding!

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