Album of the Week: Kate NV 'Room For The Moon'

For this weeks Album of the Week, I've headed east to Russian avant-popster and proud Muscovite Kate Shilonosova aka Kate NV, and her latest album Room For The Moon.

Released June 12 it's one of those releases that will be under the radar of many of you. If you know me you know I have a passion for new music, music that challenges our perception of this artform.

Room For The Moon is an album that I've become a little obsessed over the last few weeks, partly due to its unconventionality. Where most albums are a series of songs that tell a story, this is a body of work. If it were modern art, it would be an exhibition of surrealism and expressionism. I adore this album because it's so different.

Tracks like Plans (which you may have heard) is more akin to the songs we're used to hearing. Throw in offbeat tracks such as Ca Commence Par, which sounds like a orchestral warm up at its start, yet its interwoven with the most beautiful bass line you're going to hear today. You have something that's bizarre, yet utterly brilliant!

The album is heavily inspired by Viktor Pivovarov, one of the leading artists of Moscow’s Conceptualist movement in the 1970s.

“I know that in English, ‘Room for the Moon’ means more like ‘a space for the Moon,’ but the idea was more like ‘the room for the Moon,’ like, the small room I’m sitting in right now!

I compare it with kids’ movies from the 70s and 80s because they also create a very fantastic world using very simple stuff, like a sponge or paper; It’s all about imagination, and allowing yourself to be like a child and see magic in stuff… and creating something very big, but at the same time in a very small thing.” she told Vice Magazine in a recent interview.

If you like Kate then you may also like her new-wave punk band ГШ (translated Glintshake).

I get that Room For The Moon isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's ok.

Like everything in music it's an expression of the impression of the world seen through the eyes of an individual. This body of the work, is as unique as it is individual - I love this album for all of its uniqueness.

9/10 - Cosmic!

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