Album of the Week: Lianne La Havas 'Lianne La Havas'

Lianne La Havas self titled third album is an album she's said in recent interviews, is the kind of album she's always wanted to make. Listening to this album you can see hear why. It's pure, unbridled, soulful joy!

Debut album 'Is Your Love Big Enough?' was a good album, her second album 'Blood' had moments of brilliance and with 'Lianne La Havas' you get the sense of assuredness perhaps that this woman s 100% certain in who she is, she's found her sound and she's comfortable enough to share it.

In it's heart breaking opener 'Bittersweet', she's singing of the rebirth we feel once we've released we're over a love and we need to move on. If you've ever been through a break up this is the song that picks you up, when you realise you're going to be ok. I've included the recording she did with BBC Orchestra of the track in this review. I cried when I watched this, first time around, her performance is just breath taking.

'Green Papaya' is a song for lovers that gave me goose bumps. There is no hiding in this track at all, her voice is the main feature and it's exactly the way it should be. If you've ever been into someone so much, you see them as home you'll get it. It's love. Pure love.

'Can't Fight', has a real South American vibe to it. Simple and elegant yet steamy and sensuous. It's a tango of a track about the complexities of loving someone and the highs and lows of uncertainties (it is to me anyway).

It takes a brave artist to take on any Radiohead song, never mind such an iconic track as 'Weird Fishes'. This cover has been getting a lot of play on BBC Radio 6 recently and rightly so. It's scintillating! Lianne's voice has added another depth of vulnerability to this gorgeous song. The crescendo is overwhelmingly stirring.

Other stand out tracks on this album are 'Sour Flower' and 'Please Don't Make Me Cry'.

Coming to this album in her 30th year Lianne La Havas has the self assuredness that anyone who has found their authenticity has. She knows exactly who she is and she's comfortable with that. In a recent interview with Vogue Magazine La Havas said, "You can be any type of Black woman you want to be. You can’t let people tell you what you are. You have to tell them.”

That's a message we can all get behind that - be whoever the fuck whoever you want to be!

9/10 - Soulsational!

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