Album of the Week - LOBSTERBOMB 'GO! GO! GO!'

Dreaminisfree's Album of the Week is back after a short hiatus for this website and first up after the break is the phenomenal debut EP from Berlin based garage based rockers LOBSTERBOMB with 'Go! Go! Go!

LOBSTERBOMB who are Nico Rosch (vocals/guitar - she/her), Vik Chi (drums - she/her) and Crayon Jones (guitar - he/him) formed in a Berlin basement in 2020 and met met after posting handwritten classified ads on the instagram page @weformedaband, run by the band GURR.

It seemed to be destined on the stars as they all had a shared determination to make something happen after many failed attempts at starting bands; they say each failure is a lesson you need to learn on the way to success. LOBSTERBOMB have certainly come out of this with something pretty spectacular with a perfect high octane cocktail of high energy music and personal lyricism.

Their debut EP 'Go! Go! Go! approaches themes of personal introspection, desire for change and individual growth through a lens of energetic, raw and catchy indie-garage rock.

Recorded DIY style by the band and mixed by Peter Thoms from popular German punk band Akne Kid Joe, ‘Go! Go! Go!’, examines common feelings of frustration, doubt and fear along with a sense of optimism that positive change is within reach.

Pic credit - LOBSTERBOMB

For a debut what I love about this record is whilst the influences of the past are evident they've carved up something totally unique. It's high energy, bombastic new wave garage punk rock and I fucking love it! Like the love child of Link Wray and Poly Styrene I love how these tracks pick you up, fling you around the room and then leave you gasping for breath in a sweaty happy mess!

It's 16 minutes and 18 seconds of pure, unadulterated, raw, garage rock!

If they make it over the UK for a tour post COVID then you will see me down the front at at least one of their shows.

Summing this EP in one word - Luminous

For fans of Billy Nomates Snapped Ankles Dry Cleaning Yard Act Amyl and The Sniffers

Pic credit Andie Riekstina


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