Album of the week - Síomha 'Infinite Space'

Dreaminisfree's Album of the Week is the debut album from Irish artist Síomha (pronounced Shee-vah) Infinite Space. Released 22 April - this genre defying album has 11 tracks in both Irish and English. So whilst it's likely something you've never experienced, trust me you'll be enthralled by it's uniqueness.

Recorded in Ann Arbor, MI, and produced by Grammy nominated Tyler Duncan (Carly Rae Jepsen/ Theo Katzman/ the olllam). It features an all-star line up of musicians including Joe Dart (Vulfpeck), Louis Cato (Bobby McFerrin/ Snarky Puppy), Michael Shimmin (the olllam), Martin Atkinson Borrul (TOUCAN) and violinist Jeremy Kittel (Bela Fleck/ Chris Thile).

It's a few weeks post release, but to tell you the truth I've partly delayed writing this review because each time I listen I'm hearing new nuances in the production or parts of the song I've not heard before and being moved in different ways each time.

Being rather eclectic in terms of taste, it's one of the reasons why I love Síomha's sound so much. By drawing influences from folk, jazz, soul, pop and soul she blends them all to produce something that will challenge your perceptions of what is possible. It's a blend that many wouldn't dare take, but in carving her own unique sound she's created something that's absolutely captivating!

Síomha explains “The album is an exploration of our ability as humans to change, to break the habits and patterns imposed upon us from a young age by family and society through fully engaging with our true selves, exploring both the light and dark within and around us.”

Opening track 'Machnamh' starts off with the most gorgeous vocals harmonies, giving the listener the feeling of a warm autumnal wind blowing in off the Atlantic. On one minute the bass and synths kick in adding a layer to the song that lifts it's emotional connection to another plane - this is the opening track!

'Right From The Start' has a beautiful nu-soul vibe to it and builds into one hell of a heartbreak song. Those keys as well, lending themselves to the pain of the lyrics tugging at the heartstrings with the might of a strongman pulling a tractor.

Title track 'Infinite Space' is another stand track, I'd also recommend 'Come To Say Goodbye' a track where her vocal performance reminds me very much of Tracy Chapman.

The genius of this album is in drawing on the genres Síomha has, she's created a body of work that not only takes the listener on a journey of the heart; but in singing in Irish and English she's created a space for the listener to challenge their perceptions of the emotional connection they have. Listening to a language you don't understand, makes you listen to other elements of the song and in doing so you're picking up on things you perhaps might otherwise miss.

Music has no real rules as far as I'm concerned. Played and performed best if it's of the heart, captivating the listener and transporting them to an experience like one never experienced. I call if the sweet spot and 'Infinite Space' is as sweet as they come.

Do yourself a favour, put on your best headphones, lay down with your eyes closed and prepare to be whisked to somewhere you've never been before.

Summing this album up in one word - rapturous!


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