Album of the Week: ShitKid 20/20

ShitKid is the brain child of Swedish singer/songwriter Åsa Söderqvist who burst onto the scene in 2017 with her debut release Fish. By the decade's end, bassist Lina Ericsson had come onboard, expanding ShitKid into a duo. Signed to Stockholm-based label PNKSLM they may be a band you've heard, maybe you haven't?

20/20 is by far one of the best indie releases of 2020 and that's not intended to be a pun. It's the truth. You know me, I have my finger on the pulse of music that is cool and these cats are so cool they're literally sub zero!

Currently the band are well and truly planted in a marriage of a low-fi indie/pop/emo crossover that first inspired them in high school. So if you're a fan of that kind of vibe or just indie then get your ears around this band.

The duo have said previously that they want to try different genres of music with each new release and for someone who's taste is as eclectic as mine, I'm excited by this. If their ventures towards new sounds are as phenomenal as this release then by Christ are they in for a long and successful career!

'885 (navy)' the albums opener starts off with a trance inducing riff that leaves you with this transcendental floating feeling, A soon as Åsa's vocals starts however she brings you back from this ethereal like state, but its not a slap to the face, more a gentle palm on the cheek.

It sets the tone perfectly for the rest of an album that at 25 minutes is over far too soon.

Track 'cool breeze' is an ode to the enchantment we've all felt for someone who's become unattainable, due to circumstances beyond our control, "What can I say that's the way it is, I'll try not to think about it" she pines.

I could sit here and gush about every track on the album as they're all stunners - but that's not how I like to review an album. I'd rather share the experience it left me with and how I felt.

More than anything this album leaves me with a sense of calming tranquillity. With its scuzzy low-fi riffs, understated basslines and vocal harmonies it's an easy background album but the more you listen to this album, the more bewildered and bewitched you become.

One word to sum this album up - enthralling!

For fans of Coach Party, Pale Honey, Cautious Clay, Sunship Balloon, beadbadoobee, Arlo Parks, Fenne Lily, Bon Iver.

ShitKid pic credit: Eline Roverdatter

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