Album of the Week: The Spitfires - Life Worth Living

Life Worth Living - artwork credit Tony Briggs

Watford based three piece The Spitfires have released their third album Life Worth Living and it's by far their most accomplished body of work to date. Produced by Simon Dine (Paul Weller’s 22 Dreams, Wake Up The Nation and Sonik Kicks) this album has that truly live feel to it.

Infectiously eclectic, with orchestral strings and brass! The opener 'Start All Over Again,' is all about things needing to change. Whilst we're looking at the past with a hint of a nostalgic tint, we also need to start looking to the future.

'How Could I Lie To You' is a poignant ballad about depression and the sadness of having to hide what we're going through, when we're struggling with mental health and suicidal thoughts. To hear a young band tackle such a deep subject matter, whilst producing a song as touching as it is relatable, is a truly beautiful thing.

'(Just Won’t) Keep Me Down' has a real summer anthem sound to it and it's a juxtaposed track, to the grandiose finale of 'Make It Through Each Day', a tribute to a past love, it's gonna tag at your heartstrings. Trust me.

The band have released a documentary 'Kings & Queens- The Story of Life Worth Living'. It's a brilliant watch showing parts of their story so far, their extended band family and the making of the record. I loved watching this and having done so, I want them to succeed even more so.

With a melting pot of influences that draws on ska, reggae, punk and soul The Spitfires have created with an album is nothing short of dazzling - put it this way if this was weather, you'd need your sun block and UV sunglasses!

This album is one that needs attention. I recommend anyone reading this to go and stream this whole album. A body of work this good, deserves to be heard by the masses.

10/10 - Dazzlingly brilliant!

The Spitfires - Pic credit Tony Briggs

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