Album of the Week: Weedipus 'Demo Tape'

This weeks Dreaminisfree's Album of the Week is technically an EP as its four tracks, but that takes nothing away from the utter brilliance of Weedipus's debut Demo Tape.

Formed whilst living together when the world plunged into a pandemic, they did the only thing they could and formed a band. Weedipus are songwriters Olivia Thawley and Zach Duvall. Turns out this band, is one of the best things to happen since lockdown.

I've been absolutely hooked since their debut single 'Places to Go' dropped 26 June. It's an incredible debut with exquisite vocals, lofty lo-fi riffs and a vibe that sits perfectly between grunges hey day and the latter day brilliance of bands like Wolf Alice.

Their second single 'Broken Boy' has a grungier more heavy indie riff to it showing that they're not just dreamy floaty songs, they can right a tune to get the juices flowing also!

The other tracks on Demo Tape 'Honest' sits somewhere between the first two singles and 'We Both Know' has a melancholic feel to it, however it doesn't leave you feeling sad and that's down their sublime riffs and harmonies.

Demo Tape is available to stream or you can buy the physical CD for the princely sum of a fiver (which I did). I drove to Liverpool from Manchester last week and this album was on a loop the whole way there and back in my CD player - I was so chilled I was practically levitating!

I'm honestly stunned that these guys literally got together a few months ago and when I reached out to them to see if they would be interested in a mini interview they agreed (result)!

Dreaminisfree: So Weedipus sprung into life from lockdown as both Olivia and Zach were in lockdown together due to sharing the same house. Did you guys play together much pre-lockdown?

Weedipus : We have never played together before. Zach was just in his other band Regional Creeps at the time and I (Liv) play piano but I wasn’t in a band or anything like that.

Were you always going to be in a band together anyway and lockdown was the push that you needed?

We were always going to try something and we were both furloughed in lockdown which gave us all the time in the world! With no distractions, we could create something that we both really enjoy.

Where does the name come from?

It a combination of ideas. My nickname as a kid was “Weedy” because of my weedy hair, so we started with that. We then took the play on words of “Oedipus” and thus “Weedipus” was born!

Who are your influences?

Our main influences are Jeff Buckley, for his song-writing, both lyrically and musically. PJ Harvey, Smashing Pumpkins, but we could be here forever to be honest, haha!

Your sound has a real Wolf Alice meets Smashing Pumpkins feel to it. It’s slightly retro but there’s a compelling newness that makes you want to keep going back to it to listen again and again (at least it does me anyway). The debut EP is stunning, do you have any more unreleased material to record?

Yeah, it’s really humbling to be likened to those bands and we’re really happy that you’re enjoying the EP. We don’t like to stick to one specific genre or how we think we “should” sound. Instead, we try to incorporate all sorts of different techniques into our songwriting to come up with something that can surprise us, or more importantly the listener. Because of this, each song can sound quite different to the next and draw from a lot of different influences. We never stopped writing, the songs from our recent EP ‘DemoTape’ are just the first four songs we wrote together as Weedipus. We’re sitting on more unreleased demos and we plan on continuing, most definitely.

What’s your plan once we come out of lockdown/gig restrictions?

GIG GIG GIG. This is the thing we both love to do, so we’re gonna look at a Weedipus launch ASAP. After that we’ll play wherever we’re wanted.

Have managed to perfect banana bread in lockdown?

Not quite, but we managed to pull the shed down and make the garden over, haha!

(We’d also like to express our gratitude for all the support we’ve received in such a challenging time).

You can order Demo Tape via this link

One word I'd choose to describe this debut EP? Exquisite

For fans of Bully, Wolf Alice, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, PJ Harvey






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