Album review: a blue flame - The Secret Breeze

If you like your music as chilled as a summers day in a hammock, or coffee in bed on Sunday morning after you've had the best nights sleep in ages, then a blue flame's new alum The Secret Breeze is going to be right up your street!

Picture the scene.. I've been up since 6.30am having had six hours sleep, I'm sitting at my PC for an hour or so's writing like I do everyday before the day job starts. I started listening and I was instantly transported to a place of calm, tranquil bliss - I lost all sense of time and space.

This album has put me in a mental space that's somewhere between a cheeky afternoons nap and an hours meditation. Utter bliss!

It's also not something I would automatically go and choose to listen to - but I'm glad I did because this is a good record.

The Secret Breeze is the fourth studio album from Leicester based songwriter a blue flame (Richard Stone) and having listened a few times through I can say without doubt this will take you to a happy place.

The press release said if you only listen to one track then listen to 'Your Mother Said Everything Was Beautiful'. It reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (random I know). But I do love the trumpet and guitars along with his distinctive voice - it's a smooth number.

That's not the only stand out track though. Take 'The Moon Obscured the Sun' I love the simplicity of this song and his use of the wooden guiro - mixed with his beautifully precise picking it really is a joy to listen to.

'I Met an Angel Today' is a positively uplifting song with the a message of maintaining your hope. That nothing remains and better times are actually ahead.

2020 summed up perfectly.

You can stream a blue flame now or purchase it here for a fiver.

If I could use one word to describe this album - dreamy!

For fans of The Devine Comedy, Badly Drawn Boy, Deacon Blue, Jack Johnson, Blind Pilot, Bahamas.

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