Album Review - False Heads with It's All There but You're Dreaming

False Heads

It's just over 24 hours since False Heads released their stunning debut album It's All There but You're Dreaming. Due to a busy schedule I waited until today to have a first listen and I'm already 3 streams of the whole album in!

The album starts off with the melodically beautiful Whatever You Please; 1 minute and 13 seconds into the track it kicks in, just giving you a small indication of the absolute monolithic beast of an album that's lurking beneath the surface.

If you're a lover bands like Foo's, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Royal Blood, Therapy, Faith No More, Black Label Society, Alice in Chains, The Pale White then you're going to fucking love this band.

Bass line's that make you dribble, waterfalls of stunning riffs, gargantuan beats and incredible vocals? Every. Single. Track.

I've had to think long and hard about which tracks are my favourite because they're all incredible. Three listens in I've got to say stand outs for me are Wrap Up, Rabbit Hole and Ink. But I know with more listens this could change. It's all killer no filler.

Without doubt this is a future classical album. If this album was an animal it would be a rabid Honey Badger with a hangover from hell.

I cannot wait to see these boys play live. I've bought a ticket for 28th March when they play Manchester, despite having a ticket for another festival and knowing it may be cancelled - I just can't take the risk of it going ahead and my not being there.

With a debut album like this, the future is very, very bright for this band. It won't be long before they're headlining Download, R&L and all the big festivals.

Despite it being March 2020 and this is already a contender for album of the year - its a 10 out of 10 from me.

I will be listening to this album for years to come!

Stream it - Download it - Buy the Album's & Merch deals. See them while you can. This band kicks ass!

The bands socials are Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Spotify


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