Album review: Lady Dan 'I Am The Prophet'

Country music, Cowboy Twang whatever you want to call it. Music that has its roots firmly embedded in the deep south of the USA, has seen few artists transcend to an international appeal. Other than say Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, I wonder how many other artists from this genre of music that people would admit to having in their record collections?

Lady Dan's (real name Tyler Dozier) debut album I Am the Prophet looks set to join the aforementioned legends, as an artist that most audiophiles should have in their record collections.

With an astute look at the resentment that's felt with dating in the modern era, the albums title track 'I Am The Prophet' is a good introductory track if you've not listened to her before. Sure, it has a country feel with the steely guitars, but that's where the familiar country vibe gets off the horse and stays off! This track has strings (as does other tracks), a drumbeat that feels like a heartbeat and a vocal performance that leaves you feeling breathless. I am stunned! It's like I'm the Millennium Falcon in The Death Stars tractor beam and I'm not going anywhere!

This could be the best track on the album or the one that outshines the others. It is not. The album is filled to the brim of track after track that will move, enchant and leave you wanting to play them, over and over and over again.

I could wax lyrical about the rest of the album and how utterly brilliant it is. But I'll let you listen and draw your own conclusions.

"'I Am the Prophet' as a single, was born of the resentment that comes with the modern dating era," explains Dozier. "A month getting to know someone, letting them know you, and then the other party backing out once things are meant to progress. So you stay on this constant loop, like a rodent running on a wheel, doomed to repeat the cycle until you’re so tired you just give up completely. Then, throw some sacrilege in for a little flavor."

It's difficult to remember that I Am the Prophet is Lady Dan's debut album. Her debut album! I'm saying this with no flippancy whatsoever - this record, is beginning to end, stone cold euphoria.

Melancholy ain't never been as bewitching!

Summing this album up in one word - resplendent!

Lady Dan - Pic credit: Joeli Middlebrookes

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