Album of the Week: Jane Inc. - Number One

Dreaminsifree's Album of the Week set for release this Friday 19th March is the debut album Number One from the phenomenally talented Jane Inc.

Jane Inc. is the singular solo project of Carlyn Bezic (also known as one half of weird-pop duo Ice Cream; one-fifth of rock and roll fever dream Darlene Shrugg and touring member of US Girls band).

In a body of work that leaves the listener with a Peter Gabriel meets Picasso sensory experience; Bezic has produced an album by merging her pop sensibilities with some off-kilter influences.

Musically it's as captivatingly brilliant as the front cover. You can dip into the album in any order you want to, but I would recommend that you listen from start to finish as Bezic intended.

As someone who started playing bass since lockdown, I've started to appreciate music from a whole new perspective. The bass lines are sic (obviously) but what I adore about this album is that initially, I didn't have a bloody clue where any of the tracks where going. I know from my psychology studies that the human mind loves predictability - we like to be able to look and listen to things and be able to make perfect sense and order of them, predicting the form of the shapes or rhythms.

What Bezic has cleverly done with this album is create something that is anything but predictable - take penultimate track Mine/His with the use of piano, bass and I think it's a Theremin that's been sampled? The overall effect and it's unpredictableness (yes I may have just made that word up) means that it holds you in that child like curiosity; that magical feeling you got when you first fell in love with music. It's main appeal for me is down to the fact that with each listen you're still not 100% sure, where each song is going to end up.

The album’s polished production and intelligent use of synths, samples and bass lines leaves the listener with a warm fuzzy feeling that's as equally familiar as it is totally unique.

If you love your music a little bit left of mainstream, then I say this to you with absolute aplomb Number One is going to leave you enthralled!

Summing this album up in one word: Impeccable!

For fans of Goldfrapp, Stealing Sheep, Bjork, Sneaker Pimps.

Jane Inc. Pic credit: Andrew McGill

Jane Inc




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