Artist Highlight - False Heads

False Heads

Day 5 of 7 artists in 7 days throws the spotlight on East London's punk rockers False Heads. The lads formed in 2016 and have been building their reputation with live shows that have seen them catch the attention of music legends Iggy Pop, Danny Fields (ex-Ramones manager) and Rodney Bingenheimer. Kerrang are also massive fans.

I'll admit I've only been aware of them recently with the release of their last track Rabbit Hole; their debut album is set for release next Friday (13/03/2020). If Rabbit Hole is any indication of what the album is going to sound like then we're in for a fucking treat!

Rabbit Hole is a gut punching, heavy riff laden orgasm of a song. The rhythm section lays the foundation for a song that starts off at 100 mph and doesn't stop until 3 minutes 59 seconds later. That bass line is just colossal and added to the drumming that shakes your cartilage never mind your bones you've got the perfect ingredients of an incredible song. As a treat and so you can see what I'm talking about I've included the video for Rabbit Hole that was taken at one of their live shows.

People always compare bands to others and I recently heard a musician say they never listen to comparisons as it's not them - what I will say is that if you're a fan of bands like Calva Louise, The Blinders, Sheafs or Yak then you're gonna love this band.

If you follow this link you can pre-save the album and there's loads of bundles with tickets and merch also.

You can catch the lads on tour on the following dates (links for tickets are embedded) :

March 26 7:30 pm Birmingham Castle & Falcon

March 27 7:30 pm Sheffield Record Junkee March 28 7:30 pm Manchester Off The Square March 29 7:30 pm Liverpool EBGBS April 1 7:00 pm Glasgow The Garage - Attic

April 3 7:00 pm Southampton Heartbreakers April 5 7:30 pm Brighton The Latest Music Bar April 6 7:30 pm Bristol Louisiana April 16 8:00 pm London Werkhaus

The bands socials are Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Spotify