Artist Highlight - Petrol Girls

Today is March 8th 2020 and it being International Woman's Day - I can't think of a more worthy band to highlight on Day 6 of 7 artists in 7 days than Petrol Girls.

I was lucky enough to see the perform at The Deaf Institute earlier this year (review). I'd never been to a gig with so many women. All kinds of women. CIS, trans, Bi, non-binary femmes et al. So many women coming together for the love of music. The whole gig and talk before the show was about making gigs safe for women - all women. Music and feminism should be inclusive of all women.

Indeed today Ren Aldridge of Petrol Girls has written a piece for Kerrang to celebrate and highlight some of the most inspirational women's movements from around the globe - I want to highlight a section of the article because for me it articulates everything I love about this band.

The differences between trans women and cis women like me, are part of the movement’s strength, just like the multitude of other differences between women globally. There’s a reason why the following quote by Audre Lorde is overused: “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” full article can be found here.

Petrol Girls are a punk band that everyone who loves punk or rock music needs to get in the ears. They will grab you by the lapels and shake you to the core. Touch Me Again and The Sound are my own favourite tracks and for me perfectly encapsulate everything that is great about this band. Live as well they are simply phenomenal - they give it 1000%!

Bands like this don't come along that often and when they do they start something that is much bigger than them. Not only do they make our industry more inclusive, they're a force for change - for making society a better place. Who doesn't want that?!


Petrol Girls


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