Artist Highlight - The Palpitations

Day 7 of 7 artists in 7 days is here and the spotlight for today's article falls on The Palpitations. The Palpitations are a post-punk rock band formed by two disillusioned doctors, who bonded over their shared attempts to navigate the emergency department of their local hospital in Luton.

Their debut single Siren was inspired by a patient entering into a spiral of addiction and the song is as moody and dark as it sounds. It's important for music to cover this kind of stuff too - Music like all forms of art reflects all aspects of life and whilst the subject matter is dark Sirens is a very beautiful track. It has had some critical acclaim and its no surprise once you've heard it.

If you imagined a Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus meets Sisters of Mercy Damage Done then you're pretty much there.

Siren is an impressive debut and I'm excited to see what they produce next. Whatever it is, I for one will be watching and listening.

The Palpitations

Listen to Siren on Spotify:

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