Artist highlight: Tram Sandwich

Tram Sandwich - artwork used by kind permission of the band

When Tram Sandwich first reached out to me, I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for. If there was one phrase I could use to sum up their sound, it would probably be; "And now for something completely different".

Trust me you will have not heard anything like this - or maybe you will have? Their sound reminds me of The Mighty Boosh definitely in that all of their tracks have a narrative.

Take one of my favourites, Site Manager's Cupboard - at just under 7 and a half minutes, it's a track about unrequited love. Scout Man John, is hilarious song about a well.. you can work it out! Car Hole has a really beautiful jazzy, funky vibe to it. Office Hours starts off with a situation we can all relate to, then starts off with something that can described as the most bizarrely brilliant hold music you will ever hear! Canal Pusher and Receptacles are another 2 stonkingly brilliant tracks, that you can also listen to.

If I had to describe their sound it's a jazzy, funky, bass laden fusion that you're going to want to move with.

Speaking to frontman Jack he told me," We were holding back on launching ourselves but since lockdown we decided to just go for it! The whole ethos of the group is doing something weird and fresh... Wait until you hear our plans for the live shows"!

Based on their demo's and on what I've heard so far, I cannot wait for this lockdown to end and to get to one of their shows. Put it this way - it's going to be an experience you won't forget in a hurry!

You can stream their demo's via Soundcloud here the guys are also on Facebook - give them some love, say hi and prepare to be transported to somewhere completely different.