Blossoms et al - Edgley Park, Saturday 22nd June 2019

The weather was absolutely glorious yesterday for one of my most eagerly anticipated gigs since doing this blog.

We arrived early for this because our mates daughter is in the first band Fuzzy Sun (great name right), but I'm so glad we did because this band were the perfect start. Like the headliners these lot hail from Stockport. They play imaginative, catchy tunes you can sure as hell shake your bootie too. Their songs are beautiful constructed with sweet sounding synths, elegant guitar licks and gorgeous harmonies giving their music a picturesque feel.They had a massive following and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were singing along to their songs. I liked them so much I'm actually seeing them again early next month.

Next up were The Blinders (originally from Doncaster but now living in Manchester) who were simply sublime. I saw these lads earlier in the year before I started this blog and am so pleased to have seen them again a few months later. They have a huge following and rightly so because their music is bloody brilliant! The sun was belting down and Thomas's stage make up was melting off his face but the heat didn't deter them nor impede their energy levels. From Brave New World (my favourite and video below), Gotta Get Through, Rat in a Cage to L'Etat C'est Moi the crowd went mental! I have so much love for these lads and with every listen the more I like them. If you get the chance to see them live then do so. I'm seeing them again at the end of July at YNOT Festival and I cannot wait. They will blow your socks off! Trust me.

Then onto Cabbage who also hail from Manchester and who have been described as a post-new punk band. I hadn't listened to these guys much before the gig but you have bands who are far better live than recorded. The energy of their music is so much more visceral and Cabbage perfectly fit this category of bands. Don't get me wrong I do like their music, but live punk is always much, much more and this is definitely the case with Cabbage. Again if you get the chance to see them live, then do so. If you're a lover of modern punk you're going to love these lot.

Next up was The Coral from just up the M62 in Liverpool. The stadium was pretty packed at this point and so the atmosphere by now was matching the weather.... sizzling. The Coral played all of their hits including In The Morning (video below). This band has been around since 1996 and it shows. It was the perfect sunny days music. Pure and simple. We all loved them.

Last and definitely not least was Stockport's favourite sons Blossoms, named after the pub on Buxton Road. These guys are epitome of what great song writing is about. Sweet sounding, beautifully balanced songs from start to finish. They played all the hits from Charlemaine, There's A Reason Why and I Can't Stand It as well as their new single Your Girlfriend. They also did a beautiful mash up of Baby Bird's You're Gorgeous and Oasis's Half the World Away... both sung along with great gusto. Towards the end of their set they did a fantastic cover of David Bowies Let's Dance and it was such a buzz to see so many happy, smiling people all dancing and singing along.

If Carslberg did Saturdays this would be it.

Great weather. Great friends. Great venue. Great bands.

All pics and videos are my own.



The Coral


The Blinders

Fuzzy Sun


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