Dolphin Centre, Jck & Hurray For Tuesday - Gullivers, Manchester, Saturday 19th August 2019

The second gig in as many days and this one apart from one song from Jck I'd not heard any of the other artists.

This was one of the first times a band has also contacted me through my Instagram account asking to check out their band and I'm so glad I did.

Normally support bands don't have that many people watching them, especially when three bands are playing but the crowd for Hurray For Tuesday was really impressive. The energy of this band and their following was phenomenal. I've recorded a few of their songs and one with their crowd mainly because it was so great to watch that much energy... not knowing the names of their songs then I haven't labelled them, but if you read this and know them message me via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and I'll update them. I would definitely love to see this band again.

Next up were Jck. The lads live in Manchester and Brighton and so only get to practice once a fortnight. They came and chatted to me before the gig started and they're really sounds lads all of them. They asked if I'd listened and I said I had to their single Night & Day (live video below). They said they loved playing live and they sound better live. I saw The Snuts a few weeks ago at YNOT and whilst Jck are only a three piece they reminded me of the lads from Scotland.

Massive amounts of energy, really cool catchy tunes, AMAZING live and they had real fun with it. It's so great to see young musicians who are great at playing, enjoy playing and are so in tune with their audience. The crowd lapped it up and so did I.

Lastly and by no means least were Dolphin Centre. They call themselves an eclectic, indie reggae outfit. They're a five piece who have gigged a lot and it shows. Again I had no idea of the song names, the videos are two in a row and I've put them below. Happy to update the video if you can let me know the songs. They played a really tight set, they're very very talented musicians and the crowd bloody loved it.

A top evenings entertainment for under a tenner. I bloody love Manchesters music scene.

Spotify for each artist:

Dolphin Centre


Hurray For Tuesday

As always all videos and pictures are my own.


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