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The next female artist Dreaminisfree celebrates this week in honour of International Woman's Day and the return of my Introducing feature is Pop-oriented, R&B singer and songwriter ANJXLXE (pronounced Anne-Julie) who's from the culturally diverse and bilingual city of Montreal.

I first discovered ANJXLXE September last year around the time of her debut release 'Feel It' - we caught up soon after the release (it's since been featured in Teen Vogue) as I was intrigued to learn more about her as an artist.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before? It's a mix of pop and R&B, with big influences from the 90's/early 2000's music, as well as neo-soul and jazz. I want my music to feel like a vacation, a place where you can feel good about yourself, escape in your thoughts and dare to dream and to put yourself first. Feel good and empowering music to make you feel at your best.

Who are your main musical influences? Beyoncé and Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera.. I also used to sing a lot of Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald

Which artist or person has inspired you most in your career in music? Many artists and people have inspired me through the years but if I have to select a few: Artist - Beyoncé and Kanye West. Beyoncé because everything she does is well thought out, she is an amazing and complete artist, she knows how to reinvent herself and stay relevant.. she's a business women and a hard worker. I don't think I need to add more, even if you don't like Beyoncé, you have to respect her hustle lol Kanye West because he's a musical genius, he's super creative and he is not afraid to swim against the tide. I love listening to his interviews - it's always inspiring. Someone close to me who inspired me a lot is my husband, because he's 100% real and works extremely hard. He is also not afraid to swim against the tide and say what he thinks. He's a full time musician and has always invested in his career and put in the work. He's been supporting me since day 1 and pushes me to be the best version of myself everyday. He's one of the main reasons why I studied music in University and I'm grateful for that.

I understand that your live shows are really special in their energy. What do you love about playing live most? My band and the energy in the crowd! I love good musical arrangements and to hear every instrument do their thing! It's like bringing life, soul, into a song, and even if we do the same show more than once, it's different because it's live and all about the energy within the band and the connection with the crowd. It's like seeing and talking with someone online, it's ok but it's nothing like the human connection and the feelings that you get from it. I'm obsessed with live R&B shows because most of the musicians are church musicians and you can hear it in the musical arrangements, the chords, and honestly, the mix of R&B songs, voices and the band is a feeling that I can't explain but it's more than music, and an energy that nourishes your soul.

And finally what's next for ANJXLXE? New music, a tour? I'll be in the studio working on my upcoming EP and creating content until the end of the year. The EP is almost done and I can't wait to share it, the other songs are a little different than Feel it and there will also be a song in French :) Will be doing shows for sure and I can't wait!


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