EP Preview: Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison - Sign of the Times

When I first heard Shrink, Tom Lumley And The Brave Liaison's first single Sign of the Times I was instantly hooked; despite only having discovered their music recently.

So with it being less than 24 hours now until this stunner of an EP hits the publics ears, I wanted to share my thoughts on this record.

I'm so excited for you all to hear it. If you loved Shrink as much as I did then you guys are in for a treat, because this EP is outstanding!

This four track EP starts with the previous single Shrink and if you're thinking that this was a great start, then you wait until you hear the rest of it!

Track two New York Paranioa is another anthem, despite the subject being a sombre one. This track is about that person who really doesn't get you. We've all been with someone who no matter what we do they misinterpret our intent. This is a song about that person. It has everything that is this bands trademark, elegant riffs, a rhythm section that perfectly balances the song and a guitar solo that hits you right in the feels - yes I'm sentimental. But that's the intent of the song - its a bona fide response.

Track three Causal starts of with Tom's vocals and a riff that's an instant earworm - it's theme is about that one person who despite your best efforts is casual about your relationship. The person who maybe through their own fears, just won't open up to you. This track expands to a chorus that's so accessible for us all. It's a smash!

Last and definitely not least is track number four Let Go. Let Go is a stunningly insightful ballad - a evocatively moving piece of music. My interpretation? It's peering into all of our insecurities. Reminding us that we're not really lost at all, we just need to understand that a lot of what we're feeling is down to our false perceptions and in letting go, we'll finally see our truth. The crescendo of the song is exceptional, 1 minute 50 seconds in it builds up to the harmonies of "You've Got Let Go" - it will touch your soul!

Speaking about the EP before its release Tom Lumley commented “Each song on this EP centres around the mental health issues that many of us face ona day to day basis. By writing and releasing this body of work, we hope to strengthenthe ideology in people’s minds that it’s okay to talk about what they’re going through.Social media can put copious amounts of pressure on people, as we chase animpossible ideal of someone else’s highlight reel. The breakdown of relationships thatcome from us spending too much time glued to our phones and not enough timeconnecting on a human, personal level are regrettably the signs of our times.

Based on the evidence of this four track EP Tom Lumley And The Brave Liaisons are a band at the very beginning of what is going to be a dazzlingly, bright future.

When this is all over and the boys go on tour, when they're playing neat Manchester I will see you down the front.

You can pre-save this beast of an EP via this link

Tom Lumley And The Brave Liaison

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