EP review - El Monstruo by The 99 Degree

Manchester has a rich history in respect of the punk scene with bands like The Buzzcocks, The Smirks, Blue Orchids and Goldblade to boast of. Let's not forget the great Jon the Postman who sprang to fame whilst taking a mic at a Buzzcocks gig in 1977.

Fast forward to 2020 and the punk scene is thriving with the likes of The 99 Degree, Tinfoils, Red Stains, Loose Articles, Dollie Demie, The Battery Farm .. I could go on, but Manchester's punk scene is alive and well.

The 99 Degree are one of those who continue to fly the flag for this vital music genre, with their last EP released on 9th November 2019 on Sour Grapes Records; EL MONSTRUO.

The first release from the EP was the single Flatline (see the video below) it's punk but they don't take themselves too seriously as you can see from the video.

This 5 track mini album is one of those records that you'll enjoy the more you listen to it and the tracks wouldn't sound out of place on any Tarantino soundtrack! Think Link Wray meets Nick Cave and you're a little way to what The 99 Degree sounds like. Dead Or Alive is my own personal favourite and each time I hear it I'm minded of The Hateful Eight - yes it's that good!

If you're a lover of surf punk with bags of reverb, trumpets and saxophones. Of music that's played from a place of truth, that's as honest as it is raw then you're gonna love this little EP as much as I do.

The lads are playing The Salty Dog on 28th February if you fancy catching them live see more details here

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