EP review: Gillie - Retirement Paradise

If you're a fan of folk music or have your ears to the ground when it comes to new voices, then you may already be aware of the vocal talents of Gillie Ione Rowland, or as she's more commonly known Gillie.

The dictionary definition of paradise is; an ideal or idyllic place or state. With a vocal performance that boarders on the sublime, Gillie has delivered, as close as you're going to get to this definition, with her latest EP Retirement Paradise.

The album itself is in the order the songs were written and are an incredibly authentic reflection of Gillie's struggles with herself, her environment and relationships. Whilst the subject matter may be painful, she has created something that is as beautifully enthralling as Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

Speaking about the EP Gillie said, "“It’s telling of not only where I am in my life, but where I’ve been. Lyrically it’s an expression of mental struggle, but as I continued to write, a whole new side to the EP emerged, a side led by innate melodies, a realisation that in amongst it all, I can be happy making music again.”

When embarking on a journey of real change it can be incredibly empowering to look back at the path we've trodden, not for reasons of remorse - but to see how far we've grown. How wonderful to be able to look back on something that's been as painful as Gillie's journey, for it to have inspired something so wonderfully captivating!

Summing this album up in one word - bliss!

For fans of Me Lost Me, Fleet Foxes, Marth Hill, Laura Fell






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