EP review - The Gold Supply 'Underwater Completely'

Since it's release in August of this year a lot has been written about The Gold Supply's debut EP Underwater Completely. My philosophy in music reviewing is sharing with you the reader the emotional connection the music manifested.

The Gold Supply are all ex-major-label musicians that formed in the turmoil of the global pandemic and world chaos. They reflect this ‘new normal’ in their music by… just being totally chilled. Even before you start listening you know that these are musicians who are the top of their game. I mean these guys can play. Well. Really, really well.

Underwater Completely the band told me is a phrase associated with feeling very low; even suicidal. In my mental health series Good Vibrations over on Instagram I've been chatting to musicians and people linked to the music industry about mental health for over 18 months now. I've no shame in admitting I've suffered with depression and anxiety, so I have an understanding of the highs and lows that mental health can bring. Over the course of the series and in my immersion into the world of mental health, one of the most important learnings I've had is that we all have highs and lows. Most people want to feel fine and be fine all of the time, but even if you haven't suffered with mental health then that's an unattainable goal. The best any of us can hope for, is to have highs and lows that aren't too violently extreme. Or if they are like that then they're short lived.

The first track of the EP 'Introductions' makes me feel like I'm an astronaut, making my way over the gangway to the spaceship - about to embark on a journey that's going to be long and lonely. The guitar then starts and whether it's intentional or not the emotion they've captured in that riff, whilst it's not complex is stunning and a little overwhelming.

The undulating emotions I spoke about earlier are captured in this EP rather beautifully. It's a superb sonic representation of the undulating highs and lows we all feel with our mental health. The swathes and swells of emotion they've captured are staggeringly poignant yet ultimately inspiriting.

I spoke to Kevin Baker (guitar) from The Gold Supply in my mental health series Good Vibrations about mental health, music and the importance of finding your own mental health hook, back in October . You can view our chat here

Summing this EP up in one word - succoring!

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