EP review: Vieux - 31DEC1999

Sometimes I get absolute gems in my inbox asking me to review music and despite my lateness in listening to this EP, I couldn't let this one pass without sharing it with you because I am in awe of how good this is.

Hailing from Manchester VIEUW are vocalist/visual artist Bridget Coderc and electronic musician Lee Roberts who were drawn together from a shared interest in electronic music, outdated technology and abstract art. Their working together has evolved into making music and I am so glad it did!

You know when you go to a club and you're walking between rooms, or you're at a festival going between tents and you stumble across an act than not only captivates your hearing but they seem to transport you to another realm? Well that's the affect VIEUX's EP 31DEC1999 has on me.

We've all had those nights where the DJ plays banger after banger, you're dancing with your mates and everyone is on the same happy transcendental experience as you are. There's not a frown in the house and everyone is just on it! This is that type of music.

31DEC1999 makes me miss clubbing, dancing with strangers and becoming one with the source that is the absolute joy you get when the serotonin kicks in.......

That time isn't too far away my friends and if these guys were playing anywhere then I'd recommend you go see them. For now if electronic music is your jam, then I implore you to listen to this EP - you won't be disappointed!

Stand out tracks - 'Morning Sky' and 'Garden Path'.

Summing this EP up in one word - Pioneering!

For fans of Orbital, Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound Of London, The Longcut






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