Friday Feeling - Crossfire Eagles 'Sweet Talker'

For this weeks Friday Feeling I'm delighted to share the latest release from Sheffield indie-rockers Crossfire Eagles 'Sweet Talker'. Released 4 September this track is the perfect one to get you in the mood for the weekend. (Yes I'm a week late, but this is such a banger I couldn't not review it)!

If you like your indie dirty and sleazy with riffs that would put the shits up a rattlesnake then this is a song you need to get your ears into! As soon as I started to listen to this track I reviewing it - no question!

This is pure unadulterated raw indie rock and roll and coming in at just two minutes and nineteen seconds, it most definitely leaves you yearning for more. You needn't worry though....I have it on very good authority that they have an EP coming out soon and this track will be making an appearance.

In the meantime if this banger leaves you wanting to hear more, go and listen to their previous releases 'Step Out' and 'Episode' - you'll hear that 'Sweet Talker' isn't just a one off. These lads have something special!

Summing up this track in one word - Lively!

For fans off Saytr Play, The K's, Only The Poets.

Crossfire Eagles






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