Friday Feeling: Delilah Bon

This weeks Friday Feeling I'm delighted to introduce you to the brand new BRAT PUNK HIP HOP BABY solo project Delilah Bon. Launched yesterday Delilah Bon is the alter ego of Lauren Tate, Feminist, Vegan, Rage Queen and Boss Bitch from punk rockers Hands Off Gretel.

Bon's debut track 'DEVIL' dropped yesterday at 5pm (I saw it 9.30 am as a subscriber), and in this new incarnation Tate takes on a devilishly provocative new direction. Its already lost her some fans but as she says in her tweet below, she's heading in the direction she wants to

Looking at the abuse and hate I've seen directed at Lauren on social media, I'm so sick of people taking a pop at those who dare to be authentic. The thing is though, we live in a world where people feel that the anonymity of the internet means that they can abuse whomever they want to.

Tate in DEVIL as her lyrics testify is using this hate to fuel her passion, to create something that she believes in.

"Delilah playing Mortal Kombat,

In her bedroom Violent pornography,

I've seen what you're all into,

You all just make me mad,

You all just make me mean,

You all just made me kill,

Like all the heroes on TV,

I don't care anymore,

Good girl gone bad!"

I love 'Devil's' energy. The juxtapose of the good and the bad, the constant battle we all have between light and dark. Portraying it in an incredibly astute way via a video game both sides fighting. Bon also flits between both personas in the video also showing that she has an acute awareness that she's both good and evil.

Bon's 'Devil' is hard rock, punk, rap incarnation is an unbridled expression of her identity. Pure, raw, provocative art - music as it should be expressed, authentically.

The track is not going to be to everyone's taste - but as with everything in life nothing ever is. I love Bon/Tate's rawness, authenticity and her ability to use her passion and drive to create something that make us think about the good and bad in all of us.

As the old Native American proverb tells us; we all have a good wolf and bad wolf in us, the one which thrives is the one we feed most!

8/10 - Devilishly provocative!

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