Friday Feeling - Donny Brook 'Waiting on a Friend'

Friday Feeling is all about bringing you artists that may not be on your radar, but are going to get the blood vessels rushing and in that weekend vibe.

This week I'm delighted to bring you Southampton's indie rockers Donny Brookes (Henry Gwilliam Vocals/guitar, Sam Thompson Guitar, Paddy Keith Bass, Josh Golledge Drums) and their second release 'Waiting on a Friend'; first single from their debut EP, 'Don’t know, no one really does' (release date TBC).

They've already built a reputation for high octane live shows, along the south coast and having listened to their first two releases I can hear why.

The song itself has a great hook and is rather reminiscent of The Strokes with a little splash of Ska. It's raw, innocent and catchy indie. The kind that makes you want to get off your arse and dance, or go pogoing in a sweaty, low ceilinged venue with dozens of sweaty other souls (sobs).

I've also had a listen to their debut single 'She Knows' and they've got something special. Indie is a genre that you can become overwhelmed with the amount of choice, but these lads have a certain magic about them. And I'm usually right when it comes to music.

“Waiting on a friend is lyrically simplistic, containing little symbolism, duplicity or suggestion of a deeper message. It is a fable teaching a simple lesson. Don’t drink too much and lose your friends as you may end up in a sticky situation. We decided to release ’Waiting on a Friend’ as a sibling song to ‘She Knows’ (our previous release) as they are musically and thematically similar, meaning they pair like liver and chianti making for a comfortable, and sensical listening when heard one after the other.” frontman Gwilliam said about the meaning of the track.

If the band are reading this, then keep striving and writing lads. Oh and don't keep us waiting on the debut EP too long!

8/10 - Lively!

Donny Brook




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