Friday Feeling - Gold Baby 'Versailles'

Versailles single artwork credit - @ritaryanartist

This weeks Dreaminisfree's Friday Feeling takes it down a notch to somewhere as tranquil as it is beautiful with the latest single from London's indie-pop merchants Gold Baby and their brand new release 'Versailles'.

This is relevant so bear with me - I watch Ted Talks most days as I have as much of a passion for learning and knowledge as I do for new music. One of the two I watched this morning was a psychologist talking happiness and its relationship with our thoughts and actions and how in interrupting our thoughts with actions we can change our happiness. The relevance to this is literally this tune. Choosing to going and listen to this tune and I mean really listen to it not just play it in the back ground it had two very different reactions in me.

For one the gorgeous harmonies and the way the guitars lend themselves to the vocals without ever overpowering them is a thing of beauty. Then you have the way that the structure of the song doesn't follow the same melodic structure of most popular music in the way the chords progress so what they've done here is is create something that's unique, intriguing and above all rather beautiful.

It's a contemplative track that's not going to set the pulses racing and that's what I love about this song. Music can sometimes be something that makes you stop, breath, really open your eyes and whilst looking around, you suddenly realise just how beautiful the universe really is.

Summing this song up in one word - ruminative

For fans of Holly Humberstone, Shitkid, LAURWL, Biig Piig, flor, Sunship Balloon.

Gold Baby Pic credit @kiera_ann_photography

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