Friday Feeling - Sienne

The whole point of Friday Feeling is to introduce you to artists who are are going to set you up for the weekend. The second edition takes a look at Liverpool indie rockers Sienne.

BBC Introducing Merseyside are already fans of Sienne and their debut single ‘Where Is Home?’ was premiered at the Liverpool vs Manchester United match back in January 2020.

'Where Is Home?' and 'Coming Alive' showed these lads to be good songwriters and for me 'Side By Side' is easily their best track to date. Their management have told me that all three tracks are going to be appearing on their as-yet-untitled debut upcoming EP.

Released today ‘Side By Side’ is a strikingly emotive track with lyrics coming from an extremely personal place. Slower than their previous releases, this purely emotional track pulls at the heartstrings and makes them TWANG! If you're missing someone at the moment as much as I am, then I would say prepare yourself, your response may get a little teary (probably explaining why it had such an effect on me).

Opening with guitars that Palace would be proud of, the vocals embrace you like an old friend before the heavy rhythm section bursts in and knocks you overs.

While the band list the likes of The Stone Roses and Manic Street Preachers as influences, more recent acts such as Blossoms and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds also run through their music.

Frontman Calan Nickle says of the single:

We wrote this song just under a year ago after finding clarity from a low point in my life, I found myself asking why I was writing constantly about the negatives.... For me the song itself is a long, long road from being in a bad place to finding clarity and I think it came to life once we'd finished it in the studio, it's a very personal song and one that defines what we are as a band, it came from nothing, a darker place and ventured forward into the unknown.”

We can all relate to having come from dark places and at times it's in those deepest of darkest times we find our greatest strength and resolve - based on 'Side By Side' these lads have found just that.

I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of Sienne's debut EP

9/10 - Impassioned!




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