Friday Feeling: Some Sprouts

Friday Feeling is all about bringing you music that moves the soul and makes you smile.

Some Sprouts are one of those bands. As is happening a lot lately, this is another absolute gem that has landed in my inbox a few days ago.

Some Sprouts are a German Indie pop band creating tracks that whisk you off to that happy place. In their email they said that their latest track 'Summer Daze' is the best summer hit since Bood Radleys 'Wake Up Boo'! A big statement, but I've got to say having listened about 10 times now I kinda agree with them. This track is better!

Gorgeous riffs and blissful harmonies make this a summer tune you need to be putting on your playlists - spoiler alert! It's definitely going on this weeks Dreaminsfree Recommends.

Some artists produce tracks that are going to make you feel like you're having the best of times, that you're in your element and this is exactly what Some Sprouts do.

'Summer Daze' is ace as I said, but go and listen to 'Someone You Love', 'She Longs For You' 'Clowns', and 'Separate Waves' and you'll see what I mean. Their latest track is by no means a fluke. Some Sprout have proven time and again that they can write banger, after banger, after banger.

Some Sprout keep doing what you're doing and please come and play near Manchester when lockdown is over - danke!

8/10 - Impeccable!

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