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What's this? A new feature? If you know me and read this blog, then you know I have an insatiable appetite for new music. Sometimes you come into a bands story later than others, or you discover a love of a newish band, that you want other people to know about. Inspired by The Kecks, I've decided to start this brand new feature.

Friday Feeling is all about highlighting bands that give you exactly that - that excitement, that buzz, that something with a little bit of a spicy kick to start the weekend off with a bang!

The Kecks are an eclectic a bunch of lads being of Australian, German, Austrian and British. Perhaps, that's why their sound is the same. It offers something a little bit niche, they're not your average indie band. They offer something fresher and more exciting. Their tunes are complex in structure but that doesn't detract from their rawness and genuine brilliance.

Take their last single 'Modern Girls', laying bear the struggles of having to be a 'Modern Girl' who's struggling to conform to an ideal that's unrealistic and at times damaging.

The Kecks are also religious in the pursuit of their DIY ethics.

They shot the entire intense video (below) at their favourite Hamburg hangout and venue Molotow. Staunch supporters of the ongoing #MolotowMustStay campaign, The Kecks vocally back the essential role the venue plays in the Hamburg music scene from local acts to international touring artists from every corner of the world - a cause even more prevalent given the current Coronavirus crisis!

"In a time when it's easy to point fingers and laugh at the way society and culture are being twisted in the 'Instagram Age' we wanted to dive a little deeper and try to understand and sympathise with just how difficult it must be to grow up in the modern age, especially for girls with the constant pressure and complexities modern life brings with it". The Kecks

So whilst I'm a little late to The Kecks party on the balance of this and their debut single 'Stick In My Throat', I'm excited to hear what's next from these authentic artisans of aria!

The Keck - Pic credit Denis Uhreniuk

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