Friday Feeling: Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison 'Better Than This'

This weeks Friday Feeling is a track that is going to blow your fucking socks off! Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison are no strangers to Dreaminisfree. Their debut EP Sign of the Times

featured on this blog previously and I said then, that these lads had a very bright future ahead of them.

Their new single released today 'Better Than This' is far more rockier in sound than their debut EP but given the subject matter that's hardly surprising. Tom's is the generation who have become tired of the inequalities, prejudices and social injustices of the world that they've inherited. 2020 has seen a global shift, not just due to the pandemic. Capitalism, Climate Change and a laissez-faire attitude to people who struggle just isn't going to be tolerated anymore.

This song is about hope, standing up to the oppression of the past and creating a future that is fairer for all.

On my first listen I was reminded of the Maxwell advert I used to see when I was little. It was supposed to depict the high definition live experience recording quality of Maxwell's cassette tapes (remember those) - well this is the how this track made me feel when I listened to it.

Speaking about the track the band told me, "‘Better Than This’ is an anthem for a generation unheard and uncatered for by the organisations of power, not only in the U.K. but around the world. A soundtrack to the current movement of youth who are tired of being ignored, patronised and used as a scapegoat. This song is a powerful declaration that we’ll no longer be ignored and refused a seat at the table which decides our futures."

Summing this track up in one word - blistering

For fans of Sea Girls, The K's, The Crooks, Afternoon People, SUGARTHIEF, Only The Poets, The Magic Gang.

Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison






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