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'Vulture' is the second release from the Newcastle based post electro/indie/synth masters Twist Helix that I've had the pleasure of reviewing, the incredible 'Frida Kahlo' I had the honour of reviewing a few months ago. 'Vulture' is the third and last single from Twist Helix before their second studio album Machinery drops in November.

Bea Garcia's voice again is just mesmerising with those incredible synths that sound as if they're powered by Robert Stephenson's Rocket. If you're a fan synth music and you've not heard this band - stop what you're doing and get this band in your ears!

There's been a lot of attention in the mainstream media since Kanye West shared details of his music contract and he even made a pledge to get Taylor Swifts masters back for her.

Why is this relevant to Twist Helix's Vulture? It's relative because the track itself is about the self interested individuals who pray on artists talents and scrap at their creative beings like these carrion eating birds.

"Vultures' specifically deals with those in the music industry, whose relation to creatives

resembles that of facultative predators and scavengers. With this single we wanted to say

that as an artist you're in an inherently vulnerable position that makes it very easy to be preyed upon. There are 'Vultures' out there who want to feed off of you, your talents and then leave you with little to show for it. From our point of view the music industry exists to extract works from creatives whilst divesting them of a sense of their worth and their feeling of agency. Too many good bands burn out or cease to be because of dodgy management deals, paltry streaming revenues, and a broader architecture designed to place power in the hands of everyone but the artist", Twist Helix told me before the release.

Events in 2020 with mass isolation and lockdowns have served as a reminder as to how vital music is the human experience. The people who create this artform are the most important in this industry- without their music we'd have no soundtrack to our lives. It's time for a change and whatever that embodies. One thing is absolutely certain, the more technology advances and the easier DIY distribution becomes the 'Vultures' need to change their ways.

Or face extinction.

You can stream 'Vulture' everywhere now. You can also pre-order Machinery their album via this link

Summing this artist up in one word - Blazing!

For fans of CHVRCHES, Martha Hill, Goldfrapp, Tiësto, Róisín Murphy, The Knife.

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