Friday Feeling - Vansleep 'Chambers'

This weeks Friday Feeling takes a look at the brand new single from The Granite City (that's Aberdeen if you don't know) indie rockers Vansleep. Already having supported the likes of Vistas, Dancing On Tables, The Dunts and Retro Video Club they're starting to get a reputation as ones to watch north of the border, based on this single it's easy to hear why.

'Chambers' is the second single from their upcoming three track EP 'You Should Have Said Something' and it's much more rockier than their last single 'Acid Weather' (which is a stunning track BTW).

'Chambers' does have a slow start like their previous single, but this one for me hits you more in the feels.... there's something about a high picking guitar when it's blended with emotive lyrics, then stunning synths that punches you right in the heart. This track does - in the good way. This track definitely has a heaviness to it that definitely ticks all the boxes for me, of what makes a great guitar song.

I'm going to be honest and say I'd never heard them before their label emailed me and I'm glad they did because these lads are as good. Really good. Really, really good. 'Chambers' is going to be featuring on my Dreaminisfree Recommends playlist this week - and that's the first time ever I've revealed that in an article!

8/10 - Uplifting!







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