Gig review - Arlo Parks, Matilda Mann

A grotty, rainy dark evening saw Yes Pink Room in Manchester host this sold out show featuring one of the most exciting new talents in British music at the moment. I got to Yes at around 7 and the place was full already - so I grabbed a coffee and managed to perch next to a couple whilst we waited for doors at 7.30 pm.

I went up early because I wanted to be at the front (who doesn't) always the best views and pictures. I also got talking to a nice bloke called Dave who is as passionate about music as I am and he also gave me some great new bands to follow one of whom I've been streaming pretty much all morning....

The Pink room at Yes as it says on the tin is very very Pink! Up first was Matilda Mann a 20 year old singer song writer from London. It's her, her guitar and amp and a voice that is quite frankly mesmerising. She sites her influences as Laura Marling and the Staves - I hear a bit of Anna Calvi in there also (her softer side). Her set included The Fucking Best (video below - another one on YouTube), Japan a song she'd literally written the day before, as well as the gorgeous Never Sweeten and she ended on the Loch Ness Monster. During her set this balloon was floating around behind her and at one point was right behind her - she had fun with it and it didn't put her off. Her voice is just stunning - go and stream her if you've not heard her before. You will love her!

After what seemed like an age up next was the lady we'd been waiting for Arlo Parks. After an intro by what can only be described as an amazingly talented bunch of musicians she took to the stage and opened with one of her biggest hits so far Paperbacks, before going onto Cola which was the first song she ever made so it's her favourite (her words). After more absolutely stunning tracks (Punk Rock and new one Romantic Garbage) she then went on to perform Black Dog, a song she wrote in memory of her friend who sadly committed suicide.

After Angles Song, she read out a poem she had written about Manchester one of her favourite places - it was sic. Then onto another big hit - the super sexy tune Eugene (the video of which was directed by the one and only Loyle Carner), 2 more and then she finished with Sophie again it's an amazing track.

She describes herself as a fusion of R'n'B, Punk, Soul and Rock - whatever it is she's as cool as they come. I've not seen a singer with as much charisma since Lenny Kravitz in 2018 - that's a big accolade for a singer who's 19 years old I know but this lady has charisma in the bucket load. Believe me she's destined to be huge. I feel incredibly blessed to have seen such a talent in such a small venue as last night. It was her first headline tour and this sold out - next time she's in Manchester she'll sell out again based on last nights performance.

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Arlo Parks

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