Gig review - City of the Sun, Leon of Athens

A bitterly northern wind made the air seem much colder than the day before last night; but we were in for a night of heart lifting music and these artists didn't disappoint.

Up first was Leon of Athens, I'd not heard him prior to tonights gig and that was a treat for me because I went into his set with no expectations at all. He has a beautiful voice and his playing takes you on a journey. Some songs were sad, some uplifting and at one point he even rapped a poem in Greek! I do speak a little Greek myself and so I understood the odd word. He's growing in popularity across lots of Europe and has a massive following in Greece (obviously). If you're a fan of Tango with Lions, Baby Guru or Raining Pleasure you're going to love his music. It was very beautiful and I managed to record Utopia - a word that I would definitely use to describe his set. Leon efcharistó!

Then onto the main act City of the Sun. They're described as a blend of genres; a fusion of blues, flamenco, indie rock and more and to be honest it shows. You will not see many bands who can play to this level of precision, mastery or technique. These guys really do take playing guitar to another level. If music was football then we're talking "Galácticos"!

Simply brilliant!

It's not just their playing though, and with an acoustic band I understand why you'd wonder how, but their energy was just awe inspiring.

I read somewhere once that music has a direct connection to emotional states present in human beings.

Well that was evident based on last nights performance because looking around at my fellow gig goers everyone was grinning from ear to ear. This was pure, unabashed musical Nirvana. Manchester loved it, City of the Sun loved it and I loved it.

I recorded some more videos which can be found on my YouTube channel - as per usual all pics and videos are ones I took. Enjoy. x

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City of the Sun

Leon of Athens


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