Gig review: Dirty Laces, The Slumdogs, Becki Fishwick & Cobain Jones

And here we are... my last gig of 2019. I can't think of a better venue to finish off my year of live music in Manchester and with one of the best bands in Manchester headlining it was always going to be a great evening.

I picked my mate Sam up and we headed to the Burrito bar first (she was starving) where we bumped into Dave from Even the Stars blog. We got there just about 7;20pm and I managed to have a chat with Cobain Jones before he took to the stage with Becki Fishwick. Cobain is such a nice lad and I love his solo stuff, his dad was really nice also.

It was also lovely to bump into Nidge aka Trust A Fox photographer, the lads from Afternoon People and one of the lads from the Lathums who came up and said hello which was lovely.

Becki Fishwick has an amazing voice and first covered Amy Winehouse before sinning many many favourites as well as covering my favourite Charlatans track The Only One I Know. Utterly brilliant cover as you can see below.

Up next were The Slumdogs. They've had a line up change and have gone in a new direction since their inception focusing more on a rock sound than their original punk sound with tracks like Nightmare and Buddha Blues. They've matured and with tracks like Brainwashed and The Ballad of Phaedra Beau are starting to sound very different. They reminded me a little of The Last of the Shaddowpuppets and the track Brainwashed certainly has this vibe. I liked it for sure.

In between The Slumdogs and Dirty Laces we were played some absolute bangers from the legend that is Clint Boon on the decks. A lot of people were singing and dancing and it was so lovely to see.

Finally one of my favourite live acts of the year Dirty Laces. These lads have hit all - talent in abundance; a great stage presence; smiling constantly when they're playing and above all they include the audience in their performance.

After an incredible intro they started with In Time (see below) before going onto Get Out and then a brand new track You (also below). They played 12 tracks with 2 covers being Heroes and Was is Over - the night was over way too quickly and the ending of War Is Over, made me feel the most Christmasy I have so far this year. The whole venue singing along, smiling and enjoying the performance. Music the unifier casting it's magic yet again.

My mate said that it won't be long before Dirty Laces are playing stadiums and judging on last nights and the time before when I saw them at Neighbourhood Festival I couldn't

agree more.

The perfect gig to end an incredible year of live music, I've been blessed to see over 200 artists perform this year - to all of my readers and people who enjoy this blog wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and here's to more amazing music in 2020!

There are more videos not included in this article for each artist on my YouTube channel - I'm also going to be sharing my highlights of 2019 in music with you over the next few days.

As usual all pictures and videos are ones I took. You can subscribe to my YouTube for more videos of gigs, I'm also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where I share reviews, playlists, and some amazing interviews.


Dirty Laces

The Slumdogs

Cobain Jones


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