Gig review: Fling, Rundown, Sioux, A.E.I.M.

Fling - pic dreaminisfree

A dreary Thursday night at Night People &The Twisted Wheel Club saw a night I'm not going to in a hurry for various reasons.

This was an opportunity to see 4 bands and the door price was £8 - I've paid more for wine so true VFM. Scruff of the Neck put this evening on and if you've not heard of this label they won Best Small Label at the AIM Independent Music Awards this year. They also represent Glass Caves, Hubbards, Cassia, Kashmere, Larkins and definitely have their fingers to the pulse when it comes to signing talent in the north west. So whilst I hadn't seen any of these bands live yet I felt as though it was going to be a good night and I wasn't wrong.

First up was A.E.I.M. who came on about 8pm to an audience of 3 people as well as Rundown. I felt sorry for these guys because it was almost like a rehearsal for them. They played with an electronic drum kit - which I'd not experienced from a live band before. The singer admitted that the name of the band was an acronym and the guitarist is called Alex. We tried to guess but couldn't come up with the answer.... Who knows? They're obviously influenced by New Order - that's what I took from their set anyway. I liked their set and I would see them again.

Then Sioux who I'll be honest I hardly saw.... My bad, but I was catching up with the lovely Abby and Harry from Hurray For Tuesday I hadn't seen those guys since in interviewed them in June so we had a proper catch up at the back...

Rundown were next up, who I was looking forward to seeing as I do like their track Take Offence. By now the venue was about a third full and they had a very enthusiastic bunch of admirers at the front. They grew into their set and by the end with their last track and only single to date Take Offence they were clearly enjoying it more, so much more relaxed. It's not easy getting up on stage and performing, these guys should keep going. The more they do this the better they'll get for sure.

Then to the back again were I chatted to Abby and Harry more. We bumped into a few of the lads and we got chatting before they took to the stage as well as Charlie's girlfriend who was an absolute diamond.

I always prefer to go down the front (you know this) and I had a great vantage point for my videos and pics but more importantly the energy that these lads produced. Fling by name and by christ did the throw it all out there! I mean not only are these guys bloody great musicians, but they also have that sparkle, that magic, that special something that only a few bands have. There's a growing buzz around these lads and having seen them live I know why. I watched them all during their set as individuals, not one of them were out of place. This is a group of lads who play great music, play well and above all have fun and support each other doing it. No ego's, no frills. Just raw, unadulterated, good time rock and roll music, from people who really love playing and it shows. I was blown away!

They're so good, you just have to experience their live set. Trust me, you will leave the venue smiling, with a warm fuzzy glow and wanting more! I videoed a few of their songs so give them a view - yes I was dancing and yes Abby is dancing and having fun too. That's what it's all about. Letting go and enjoying the music.

Their hashtag on social media is #flingordie - it's a great motto to live by and these lads gave it their all.

Just the way it should be.





A.E.I.M. (I couldn't find them)

As per all pics and videos are my own.


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