Gig review: Honeyblood & Deja Vega

Last night gig was gonna be special for 2 reasons. Firstly, whilst this was the second time I was going to see Deja Vega (first being YANA festival and I'd had a few too many, so I couldn't really remember it)! And secondly of course I was also looking forward to seeing Honeyblood for the first time. She didn't disappoint!

There was supposed to be two support bands but unfortunately Porridge Radio had to pull out last minute.

Anyway Deja Vega!

My mates Lee and Ange know Jack their guitar player/frontman as do most of my gig buddies in Manchester. It was also nice to see Dave from Follow The Stars another great Manchester music blog having seen him at She Drew The Gun, two days earlier. Deja Vega always sell out when they headline play in Manchester. They've a massive local following and when you see them live you can see why.

Their energy, sound and playing is fucking immense! If you like rage fuelled, massive sounding music then you're gonna love these lads. Pounding drums, emphatic bass and killer riffs just filled the room. It's a wall of pure, heavy, musical orgasm! You can't help but move to these lads. They seriously blew me away. I managed to recored Mr. Powder (see below).

After a 20-25 minute interval the lights darkened and the theme tune to the 1960's classic Bewitched boomed from the speakers; a fitting intro because her performance was spellbinding. The lights went white and then Stina Tweeddale aka Honeyblood took to the stage. Her dress was incredible (tell me where you got it from if you read this) and the band opened up with the massive hit Bubble Gun (video below).

Her bass player was hung over from last nights birthday celebrations (we all sang Happy Birthday to her) and she also handed out Birthday Cake - I managed to grab some. Respect for playing hung over.

If you're a fan of pounding drums, funky bass and sic indie guitar with vocals of quite frankly; a bloody angel then you're gonna love Honeyblood. I looked like the Cheshire Cat; just grinning from ear to ear. I had a surprising amount of space around me at the front (I had showered) which meant I could dance so I took full advantage.

The encore was special, as she performed a stripped back version of Bud from her self titled solo album. It was beautiful. Some songs just touch your soul and this one does mine. Pure magic! (Video below).

I've said that in terms of talent, stage presence and overall performance that KT Tunstall is probably one of the best solo artists I've seen this year. I've been lucky to see a few other incredible solo artists this year and this lady is definitely up there with them. She's just insanely brilliant.

Every now and again you see an artist who from their first riff to their final pick they blow you away and Stina did exactly that.

If you've not heard this lady where have you been hiding? But seriously give her a listen. Watch the videos and go see her live. She will blow you away.

I took some really great pics and videos all below so check them out. As always they're all my own.



Deja Vega


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