Gig review - IDER & Art School Girlfriend

Storm Ciara was just starting to be felt in mainland UK but that didn't stop this gig goer heading out to her second gig in 2 days (birthday weekend so I'm worth it). It didn't deter a lot of other people either as by the time I got to Band on the Wall the place was already stating to fill up, but IDER are one of those acts that have that kind of pull.

First up was Art School Girlfriend and as per the previous nights gig I deliberately hadn't listened to her so when she came out and started playing I was stunned! She is absolutely phenomenal and right up my street. Think Massive Attack, Nimmo and The Big Moon and you're near the kind of sound she has. She sings about queer identity and I absolutely adored it. It was the absolute nailed on perfect start to the evening and if she tours again I'm going. Pure and simple brilliance. I managed to record Come Back To Me see below - Have a listen - I'd also recommend you stream her because she's amazing!

Onto IDER. If you've listened to them before or even better still seen them live then you'll know what an incredible show you're going to be seeing and last night they brought their A game. As soon as these tickets went on sale I was all over it and when it was announced that they were supporting Sigrid (review) I was ecstatic. I wasn't that close at the Academy gig for their support but you could still feel the chemistry between Megan and Lily. At Band on the Wall though they were less than 10 feet away and the chemistry/magic between them both was so incredible.

They started with King Ruby, Brown Sugar and Whole Life what a start! But then went onto Swim, Sorry and Body Love before New Shape of Me. Not much talking between tracks but when they did it was fun and after a technical issue with a battery in a bass pedal they had a laugh with it.

Their encore ended with Mirror and quite frankly despite them being on stage for an hour and 20 minutes it absolutely flew. These ladies are quite simply one of the most incredible acts you will see live. Their music, their energy and their love for their craft is palpable. I've been to 3 gigs at Band on the Wall now and by far last night was the loudest reaction I've heard and the most love I've seen given for a band at this venue.

The DJ played Lizzo's Juice when the lights went up and as I was wearing my Lizzo t-shirt and it was my birthday come midnight I felt like it a perfect ending to an incredible gig, however.....

IDER said they would love to meet anyone who wanted to, so I hung back in the main hall then went to the loo before going into the bar where they were meeting people. There was a queue of about 50 people and some guy said to me your best friends are here?... Random I know but I looked around and over the other side of the room were on of my oldest and dearest pair of friends the lovely Alice and Kathleen. I've known them my whole transition and even moved up north 18 months after them (promise I wasn't stalking them). So after a lot of hugs and a but of an emotional reaction from me (I am a softy) we went and met Megan and Lily. They say you should never meet you heroes because you'll be disappointed - well in the case of IDER this was not the case. They're as lovely off stage as they are on and it topped off what was a truly magical evening.

In terms of music, I can't think of a much better way to spend your birthday weekend. Another 10/10 from me.

All pictures are mine - I've included King Ruby within this review. If you'd like to see more videos from this gig then you can on my YouTube channel.

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Art School Girlfriend


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