Gig review- Palace & All We Are

Despite this being the third gig and evening in a row of seeing live music I was still super excited for tonight's gig. I remember when I first heard Palace; it was by chance on Spotify I heard Bitter. My ears were like..... Oooh - I like this! Thus I started listening to them, and it was around March of this year.

When their tour and the Manchester Academy gig was announced I was all over it. Some gigs I've reviewed as this blog has grown, are just so easy to right as there's so much joy at them and this is definitely one of those gigs.

It was atypical Manchester weather for this gig (raining). To be fair though, compared to our Pennine neighbours of Yorkshire and Derbyshire we had it much easier. They were having localised flooding. But it meant that standing outside for 20 mins in the rain before getting in; wasn't pleasant.

First up, were All We Are. I'd not listened too them before tonight and reading up on them since, it all makes more sense now how their sound is what it is. I would describe it as a kind acid, psychedelic, funk. It took me a few tracks to get into, but once they were warmed up and I had listened to a few of their tracks I was loving it!

They met in Liverpool and hail from Ireland, Norway and Brazil so a Celtic/Scandinavian/ Brazilian mix creates something that you really can't help but move to. I've not seen a bass with a neck that big be played so well, drumming standing up (impressive) and really trippy guitars that made something like I'd never heard before. But that's the point, right?

The band got a great reception at the end and it warmed my heart because they really went for it and to get a good reaction from the half empty venue (I still don't get why people don't come and see the support) was really lovely. I recorded their latest single L is for Lose - have listen and stream them on Spotify or whichever platform you use. Well worth a listen.

I kept my ear plugs in mainly because I was on my own and enjoying that - when looked around about 5 minutes before Palace where due to take to the stage, I actually got a bit of a shock. Academy 3 holds 970 and I would say it was around 3/4 full last night. Anyway as they started to play three welsh ladies rushed to the barrier and we had less room, but I really don't mind. They were clearly very big Palace fans!

I got chatting to Megan one of them about our passion for live music and gigs and she was telling me that she had seen them at Glastonbury this year as well as at YNOT 2 years ago. She said I was in for a treat and she wasn't wrong.

You know when you're watching a live act on TV and the coverage is say at Glastonbury or Reading or another of the big festivals and the camera's are capturing all the best bits and they're all amazing high resolution and the sounds perfect? Well that was what this gig was like.

I felt like I was watching a headliner at a major festival and I was one of the lucky ones at the front. I was right opposite frontman Leo Wyndham and he smiled at me a couple of times (I think he did anyway).. but it wasn't magical for that.

I always go on about how great bands are.. (look at my reviews). Here's the thing - I don't go to see bands that aren't good.

These guys are amongst the best I have seen. If you love indie then give these a listen. If you love moving lyrics, stunning arrangements and lofty guitars then give them a listen. If you love The Foals and or Coldplay then these guys will be right up your alley.

But even if you don't like those bands? Trust me, give them a listen. The sound they make is just incredible and live they bring that sound and more.

I was then taken aback by how much emotion I felt watching them.

For me the highlights were definitely Holy Smoke - I had my first load of goosebumps when they played this. Apparently your brain works in a certain way if music does that to you. The second song that moved me massively was Veins. It's such a beautiful song and I won't spoil it for you but watch below or listen to it and really take in the lyrics... I was in tears.

Leo before playing Heaven Up There said that they were going to be playing a track that was very special to them.. Well it was very special for us too!

Again... goosebumps!

Some bands when they're this good go off and rocket to success, other just appear to be an overnight success when actually they've been hard at it for years.

I was saying to Meg that these guys wouldn't be out of place headlining the pyramid at Glastonbury. They're honestly that good and she totally agreed. We even made a pyramid sign with our hands!

Palace are a band that are only to get bigger and bigger and when they do they'll finally get the recognition that they deserve.

Do yourself a favour, listen to them, go see them and fall in love with their music as have I.



All We Are

As per all pics and videos are my own


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