Gig review - Purple Heart Parade, URF, Frankie Teardrop Dead, Daisy Valentine

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

If you've followed this blog from the start, then you'll know that my first ever music review was Purple Heart Parade supporting The Longcut earlier in the year. Since then I've seen almost 200 artists, with well over 200 performances. You could say I'm a little obsessed with live music! It was the first time I'd seen some of my mates in over 5 weeks, so it was great to catch up with all of the gang.

This was the launch of PHP's EP Desolation Angel and the promotors put a fantastic evenings entertainment with 3 quality bands as well as Daisy Valentines first solo gig in the format she's doing now.

Daisy took to the stage first with her DJ Glenn Clarida - these two are amongst my favourite that I've met since moving to Manchester. Their passion for music and the art of their performance is infectious.

My reputation is staked on integrity; both professionally and personally so this review has no bias.

Daisy was never going to get the chance to show the vocal talents she has in her last band; it's the first time I've been able to hear her properly singing and OH MY GOD! Her voice is is just beautiful! Scale, pitch and performance was perfect. I managed to record one song - It's called Life is Beachy. Have a listen to this voice - if she carries on with this then she will go far. I have no doubt whatsoever - Daisy keep going pet. You're incredibly talented.

The next two bands I'd never listened to before and so had no preconceptions whatsoever.

They were a similar genre to PHP and first up were Frankie Teardrop Dead. Their sound took me back to the first time I listened to The Brian Jonestown Massacre - very groovy, very trippy music. It's a transcendental vibe, I found myself closing my eyes whilst listening and couldn't help but smile, again recorded a video (below).

Onto URF who are female fronted and this definitely adds something different that I've not experienced before. Their vibe is psychedelically rooted, with riffs that sweep you off to some place magical. I've been streaming them since the gig and honestly they have a new fan. I would love to see them again. Check them out!

Finally up were PHP - this was the third time I'd seen them this year and some bands can be too samey if you see them too often? Well not tonight!

You know when your mates finally start to get somewhere, become a success at something and they seem taller, they seem more happy? More confident?

This is the best I've heard them play. Fact.

PHP are a bloody hard working band, they have their own sound and whilst their style of music isn't to everyones taste they believe enough in themselves to keep playing what they love. They've recently signed a record deal and I've never seen them play with as much confidence or fun. Peter Cowap their frontman and vocalist was so into his performance and

I've not seen him with as much swag. It was brilliant!

It's a joy to watch a group of musicians who are such genuinely nice people and great players create and play something that is magical. Their latest single Petrichor (which is one of my favourite words) is phenomenal. I get goosebumps when I listen to it. It encapsulates all PHP are stunning guitars, ehtereal vocals with the perfect rhythm section.

Purple Heart Parade perfectly encapsulate what working hard, believing in yourself and following your dreams can do.

They inspire me to keep following mine and they deserve all of the success they're now reaping.

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Purple Heart Parade


Frankie Teardrop Dead


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