Gig review: Sea Girls and The Mysterines

If you've lost count then yes this is the 4th time I've seen the boys this year and quite honestly I don't think it's excessive. Last night could've been overkill but honestly they were better than I've ever seen them!

Sea Girls are one of those bands that get better with every song and every gig. I've met the lads at Gorilla and Castlefield Bowl this year and each time they've been so generous.

The gig was sold out months ago and it won't be very long before they're selling out much bigger venues in Manchester.

Up first were The Mysterines. Some bands a re so much better live because of the levels of energy that they bring and my goodness this three-piece were simply amazing! The sound was incredible, their playing is phenomenal and topped with three people who clearly have a love of playing live and you have all the ingredients of a band who could be world famous. I've not been this excited about a band since I first discovered Wolf Alice and I can see these lot being just as big. It's easy to draw comparisons with Wolf Alice because of how they sound, look and play and it's not too big an accolade when I say these guys if they keep going will reach the same heights. 10/10 - if you get the opportunity to see this lot live then do yourself and favour and go!

After this the place was charged with anticipation for our boys. So many happy people just so excited to see let's face it one of the hottest bands on the planet right now!

The started with Violet (video below) and the place was one big bouncy, happy, smiley, sweaty mess and I bloody loved it! Henry came down to the front 3 times and the crowd surging meant that he could only come into the crowd once - The capacity of Manchester Academy 2 is 950 but it felt like there was 2 or 3 times that many people in there.

The lads played hit after hit after hit and the encore of Friday I'm In Love, Eat Me Whole and Adored were the perfect ending, to the perfect set from a perfect band.

Henry said that although they're from down south they can't believe how much love that they get from Manchester and it will always feel like home.

100 out of 10 from me for last night - until next time lads.

One of Manchester's favourite bands sang a song about wanting to be adored..... Sea Girls - you're definitely Adored!

As usual all pics and videos are my own:


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